sue enquist biography



Sue Enquist Bio: Enquist’s upbringing prepared her for her years ahead at UCLA and ultimately paved the way for her tremendous amount of success. Long before Enquist wore the colors of blue and gold, she lived her life in accordance with the standards of UCLA. Both as a player and coach, Enquist has exhibited a hard work ethic, a determination to win, poise, confidence, and respect -- characteristics that have long been associated with the institution of UCLA. Enquist has been a part of the UCLA tradition since 1975 as a player, assistant coach, co-head coach, and head coach. Enquist’s journey through UCLA is full of championships and accolades. She is an All-American, Pac-10 Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame Inductee and has been a part of 11 National Championships.


Ironically, like John Wooden and those legends who have come before her, Enquist does not define success in the amount of accolades she has received; instead, Enquist’s success is defined through the lives of those she coaches. Teaching the themes of love, family, and tradition, Enquist molds her players into strong competitors and respectable, confident individuals.


In Enquist’s life there are constants: family, school, softball, and surfing. She makes it a point to emphasize that these priorities must never “slip out of order.” Enquist’s parents, Bill and Jane Enquist, have been a fixture at UCLA, supporting their daughter on her rise from being named UCLA’s first softball All-American to twice being named Pac-10 Coach of the Year. Throughout all Enquist’s years on the UCLA dirt, one would be hard-pressed to look in the stands and not see Slap and Mama E -- as Enquist’s parents are known within the UCLA circle. Also, Enquist has two siblings: Bill and Becky. Her bond with her brother and sister is a reflection on the type of family-orientated environment that Slap and Mama E provided for their children.


Enquist grew up with her family in San Clemente, California, and has since remained in beach cities along the coast. Enquist’s hometown certainly helped lead her in the direction of two of her loves -- softball and surfing -- as Southern California is the home to many softball and surfing legends. After playing four years of softball at San Clemente High School and earning her diploma, Enquist went on to UCLA.


It was in the year 1975 that Enquist first brought her effort and attitude to UCLA. While Enquist will openly admit that she was not the most gifted athlete, she had the determination and confidence to become the best. Enquist’s work ethic produced remarkable results.  Although Enquist’s individual achievements -- i.e., a career batting average of .401, leading the team in doubles three times, first ever UCLA softball All-American -- speak for themselves, it is interesting that Enquist will be the first to say that it was not what she achieved individually as a player, but what she was able to achieve with her team -- a National Championship -- that truly speaks volumes.   Enquist has long lived by the notion that, “You make the decision to play a team sport.  That means you’re number 2 in your own world.”  It is this sense of selflessness and family that has guided Enquist on her journey, a journey that has set the gold standard for softball.